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Biopsy needle

Product Features
• M+ Biopsy needle is a disposable needle intended for Bard’s Magnum Instrument, easy to operate and obtain complete biopsies.
• Delta slot cutting is intended for cutting biopsies, marked by graduation on the external needle is convenient for depth reference.
• Coaxial needle is available, is convenient for operate under B ultrasonic or under CT.
• Available in 14Ga, 16 Ga, 18Ga, and 20Ga.
• It has obtained FDA and CE Certificate。

Indication for Use
M+ Biopsy Needle is a disposable needle intended for single use with the Bard’s Magnum Instrument. It’s used for biopsies from soft tissue such as prostate, kidney, liver, spleen lymph nodes and various soft tissue tumors. It is not appropriate for bone biopsies.

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